Welcome to our mangosteen packing house!

We are Thai Chi Export, a Bangkok-based fruit trading company with our own independent mangosteen packing house. We are able to supply up to 3 containers of mangosteens a day for export anywhere in the world.

Our packing house purchases and collects harvests from mangosteen orchards in the Chanthaburi and Chumphon provinces. The packing process includes sorting and grading, waxing to keep the fruit fresh and attractive, and finally the actual packing into mangosteen baskets.

Mangosteens are graded by size, as follows:

  • 2A – 60g-75g
  • 3A – 75g-85g
  • 4A – 85g-100g
  • 5A – 100g-115g
  • 6A – 115g-120g
  • Jumbo (7A) – 120g and above

Mangosteens are often called the “queen of fruits”, and there are different origin stories for this nickname. One is that Queen Victoria of England once offered a knighthood to anyone who could bring her the fruit. Another one is that because their seasons coincide, they’re often eaten along with durians – the “king of fruits”.

But the one we believe in is simply that mangosteens are incredibly, exotically delicious. And we’re ready to supply them to any country in the world – perhaps yours!

Yes, I want to import Thai mangosteens!

If you’re interested to import mangosteens, talk to us! Drop us a message and we’ll get right back to you.


+66 93 624 6951